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We offer the best in-class MS SQL Server Remote Support catering to your processes & needs.


The best in-class consulting & server outsourcing solutions partner.

Why MS SQL Server ?

SQL Server, from Microsoft, is often the database of choice for a highly integrated platform with features to query, search, synchronize, report, and analyze your data. The business world runs on Microsoft, and SQL Server enables advanced integration with application development and business software.

Why Geopits ?

GeoPITS is specialised in dealing with SQL Server Database administration for it’s customers. These customers leave the database to us so that they can focus on their business. Whatever version of SQL Server you are running or need to upgrade to the latest version, GeoPITS is your source for SQL Server expertise and remote DBA operations. We have SQL Server DBA teams dedicated to remotely administer SQL Server databases and ensure 24×7 uninterrupted operation of your production environment.

Our remote SQL Server DBA services are designed to be adapted to client requirements. These flexible offerings allow you to pay a monthly service fee or pay as you go, based on the coverage level you require. Our remote DBA services include the following :

  • Production Database availability monitoring: database up/down and relevant services.
  • DB server hardware monitoring: disk space, CPU and Memory utilization and server performance(relevant to the database parameters).
  • Preventive database monitoring: logs, space allocation and space management of database structure (tables, table-spaces, data files, file groups).
  • Database performance monitoring: cache hits and other performance parameters.
  • Fault Management and monitoring: user locks, runway processes, etc.
  • Fixing critical database problems emerging in the course of normal and abnormal operations.
  • Back-up process strategy: Planning, Implementation, Regular monitoring and maintenance.
  • Comprehensive real time, daily, weekly, and emergency web based reporting.
  • Response time to the database critical alerts/or emergencies within 15 to 30 minutes range.
  • Database software upgrades, fixes, patches and re-installation.
  • Light Database performance tuning and performance optimization work of existing application and SQL.
  • DBA Support of development community with SQL Server expertise.
  • Custom application/scripts monitoring.
  • Standardized approach for disaster management and handling common failures.
  • Effective distributed database management system

The GeoPITS advantage - an in-house monitoring system!

GeoPITS helps companies to automate many database critical tasks thus helping companies to cut down on cost and time.

  • The in-house automation team works on developing scripts and queries to improve the client’s automation processes which ensures stability and consistency.
  • All the in-house monitoring scripts today automatically generate reports which are sent to the clients to better understand the DB environment.
  • Based on client needs, the automation team also utilizes various automation tools including SSIS, T-SQL and Powershell to automate many mission-critical tasks.


We are friendly,  We assure you that your call won't land on a ridiculously long recorded phone message ! You will directly talk with our DBA Experts & Business Heads !

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